How To Be A Player When You’ve Got No Money

Player With No Money

Most people believe that if you’ve got no money, you can’t get laid. This could not be further from the truth. This article will show you how to be a player even when you’re so broke that you’re living on your friends couch.

After I graduated University I decided to take some time off to have fun. I was doing pizza deliveries and living on my friends couch. The job was paying me more than enough money to go out about 5 nights a week and that was all I needed.

Funny enough, during this period, lots of girls bought me all sorts of stuff. Stuff like dinners, drinks, dates, cabs even clothes. If I’m thinking about it now, most of them probably realized just how broke I was but anyway let’s continue.

When you’re a broke player there’s 4 major things that can put a strain on your already tiny budget. This article will show you the best ways to go around them.


This is the one you have least control over. If you live in a small town, then you can probably walk it. If you live in the suburbs and you have to drive 30 minutes to get downtown then that’s when you probably can’t avoid paying for gas.  If you live in the big city it’s probably super cheap to just get the subway ($2) or share a cab with friends. Regardless of your methods you can usually get away with about $5 a night for transportation.

If you are driving, parking is a major downer. The only way to avoid this is to arrive early. You might think this is lame but the easiest time in the night, for a player to play his game, is early anyway.

If you get invited to house parties these provide a perfect opportunity to hitch a ride with someone else. You can use house parties as an excuse to hitch a ride downtown. The downside to things like this is the fact that eventually, you will have to return the favor and being as broke as you are right now, you probably won’t have the money to be doing that. Just catch as many free rides as you can and stop before you become “the freeloader” people always hate.

Entry Fee

The easiest way to avoid this is to go to places that don’t have an entry fee. You can easily stick to dive bars, hotel lounges, sports bars etc. Now you might be thinking, but the places with ridiculously high entry fees are the places with the hottest girls. That’s usually true and I’m going to show you how to get into most of these places with reduced or no entry fee.

You first need to get on a local promoters list. This may sound hard, but it isn’t. A simple search on Facebook or any other social network is all you need to be on any promoters VIP list.

Do a search on Facebook for “City” Nightlife and obviously replace city to your location. You’ll see a lot of fan page for promoters, go on them, you can easily recognize them with all the fancy pictures and champagne and all that “glamorous” stuff. Look on those pages until you find a phone number that says “TEXT this number to be on VIP list for Monday” or whatever. You simply text that number, turn up and you’re sorted. Usually you get something like a 50% discount but sometimes you even get a free entry.

You can take this even further if you try to actually meet the promoters. A good way to approach this is to look on their Facebook page and find a person that posts there quite often,  he must also be posting stuff that proves he knows the promoter. You can then say “Hey Promoter, my friend is friend with your friend (the one you saw posting)”. He’ll usually pretend to be all excited but in reality, he doesn’t really care. This is a good way to get to know him and eventually get more free entries.

You can also befriend the bouncers. This is slightly harder to do but if you’re a regular, just go outside every once in a while and talk to them. They’re usually bored to hell and always take the chance to talk to someone. Sure some are rude and unresponsive but most of them are just normal people. The more you talk to them and get to know them the more you can jump queues and get free entries.


It goes without saying that you should never ever buy girls drinks, sure now you’re broke and can’t afford to but even if you have money it’s still not the way to go. Alcohol is the easiest way to lose your money. If you don’t drink at all, you’re fine but if you do drink here’s the most cost effective way to do it, without ever buying a single drink from the bar.

Pre-game is what I call it. This basically means you get yourself ready before you actually go out. Go to your local liquor store, buy your favorite type of alcohol, and get the brand that’s on sale. Let’s say you like WHISKEY (I do) then just go into that store and look for the brand of whiskey that they have on sale. Always buy that, I know it might not be the best one, but let’s be honest here, you’re broke so you don’t have much of a choice.

Bottles are incredibly cheap and if you’re not an alcoholic it will last you for quite some time.  Also make sure you buy a cheap aluminum flask. This will set you back about $5 but you only need to buy it once and it’s definitely worth the investment.

So here’s what you do. First you drink at home, enough to get you going but don’t get drunk, never get drunk. Now fill that flask up and go out. Make sure you hide it well on your person. I would refrain from going to places where you get searched as it might get found and that’s not cool.

Now all you do is get a cheap coke from the bar, slip to the toilet and pour shots in the glass. The flask should hold about 5 shots, more than enough for the whole night. A glass of coke is about $2 meaning that with $10 you’re drinking whiskey and coke all night. You can shoot straight from the flask but make sure none of the bouncers and bartenders see you as this will get you thrown out.

If you’re good at your game, you can even trick or convince the girls to buy you drinks. But this does take some skill.

One last note, in my couch crashing days some of my lucky friends were bartenders, if you know a place where your friends work behind the bar that’s a fantastic way to get free drinks. Because I was doing pizza deliveries I always brought pizzas home from work and the bartenders ate for free. As a result I always and I do mean always got drinks for free at their work places. This is also fantastic social proof if you’re chatting up some girls at the bar.


Most broke players are worried about this one in particular. Here are some basic ways to go around dating when you have no money.

Attend free events. You can easily find these on Yelp or similar sites related to your location, just type “Free events City” in Google and you’ll find plenty do. Some of these are incredibly impressive for women, like modern art galleries, theater, concerts, shows etc.

Make sure you get something close to your house so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on travel.

Never go on dinner dates, bar dates or all sorts of other dates that involve spending massive amounts of money. Take her for a walk in the park and just walk and talk or you can even take her shopping with you, just don’t buy anything, girls love this sort of stuff.

Final Notes

It’s pretty evident that when you don’t have any money, online and day game can be the most rewarding. It will allow you to skip on all of the above nightlife related money spenders. If you’re doing online dating make sure you do the free sites – they’re much better anyway (Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid)

There you have it, by following my advice you can easily have a great night out even if you’re broke.

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