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You’ve probably noticed that on countless occasions when you’ve approached and engaged a woman, she’ll often give you these little tests to feel you out. Most commonly referred to as “shit” tests, these are used by women all over the world in order to weed out weak men. As we already know, women love to […]


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I haven’t done one of these articles in quite a while but I feel it’s again necessary to reiterate the fact that some simple things you may or may not be aware of that are actually a massive turn off for the majority of women you’ll encounter during your efforts to score. Even if your […]

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Post image for The Main Character Types of the Women You’ll Encounter When Trying To Get Laid

One of the first things I do when I start talking to a new woman is to judge her immediate character type. This character type is very important because it allows me to understand what I need to say and do with this woman in order to get her attracted to me. I generally look […]


How To Be A Gentleman

by Alex Matlock

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Although most people might disagree, I often like to believe that the term “player” should be synonymous with gentleman. Quite frankly, if a player wasn’t a gentleman, he’ll have a hard time at being a player. If we look at it this way, we can see that these terms are interconnected. This is exactly why […]


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We all know that being boring doesn’t get you laid, but what if there was something you could do, something that would make you more interesting to women? It’s a known fact that being interesting is a synonym to being attractive, sure it has its limits but the general idea is 100% true. Because being […]


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I’m not the best when it comes to motivational articles; I’m usually the more direct type of guy that speaks his mind without fear of hurting other people. Since confidence is such a popular issue amongst men, I figured it was only natural I’d give this another shot. I found this amazing quote the other […]


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Even though most of my articles clearly explain what one needs to do in order to get women, I still have guys either emailing or leaving comments saying that: “Unless you have money, none of this will work” “All you need is to have money” “Money is the key to getting women” etc. I want […]


Post image for How To Make Her Your F**K Buddy (Friend With Benefits)

Studies have shown that almost half of the college student population in the USA are in or have been involved in a “friends with benefits” relationship. That is an outstanding statistic which I personally didn’t expect, especially when you consider how hard it is to make FWB relationships work after you’ve graduated college. So why […]


Post image for How To Have A True Player Mentality

When it comes to being great with women, nothing is more important than your mentality. We already know that the way you perceive yourself is also the way others perceive you but what really defines a true player mentality? It’s defined by these 2 powerful concepts. 1 – You are absolutely amazing and every woman […]